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Essential Running Gifts for Christmas

Buying a present for your friend who happens to be a runner, or is perhaps thinking of taking up running and in need of Christmas present ideas? No need to look further, let us guide you! Just go through the set of questions below to find out what they might nee...

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The Benefits of Swimming for Runners

Especially as winter approaches, the thought of having to go running in the dark and cold may not be very appealing to you. If only there was another way to maintain fitness to a similar level without having to deal with the weather? Luckily swimming and pool running...

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Reflexology for Runners

Do you want to: Run longer without muscle fatigue or cramping? Reduce muscle stiffness? Prevent or help your body to recover from soft tissue sprains, strains and tears by relaxing your muscles? Then try reflexology! [divider_flat] Research provided by ...

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