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Cross Country running, you either love it or hate it! My family is split down the middle; for me it’s love, for my sister ‘euw, mud’! But really, what’s not to love about filling your lungs with crisp, autumn air and charging up and down muddy hills, probably ...

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Best Running Kit: Winter 2014

We all feel the cold to varied degrees, so it is important to pick what is right for our individual needs. It is just as important not to over heat as it is to not be chilled.

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The Benefits of Swimming for Runners

Especially as winter approaches, the thought of having to go running in the dark and cold may not be very appealing to you. If only there was another way to maintain fitness to a similar level without having to deal with the weather? Luckily swimming and pool running...

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Running When Sick

Keeping to a running schedule is always hard, and even harder when you are feeling a little under the weather. With the onset of autumn people start to collect colds and sniffles like medals, and the age old question of whether to carry on running raises its head. How d...

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