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Have you HIT the PRE-MARATHON wall?

Are you in marathon melt-down?! Don't panic! Just keep reading. In case you hadn't's the month of March. In approximately 2 to 6 weeks, many runners will be heading to the start of their chosen marathon. It's the time when reality starts to hit home. ...

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Sports Nutritional Therapy: What does it mean to you?

Why is it that you can come back from a run thrilled with your performance but a few days later feel like you’re killing yourself yet running worse? Or ever get frustrated when race performance doesn’t seem to match the amount of training you’ve put in? Leaving...

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The Best Way to Clean Your Running Shoes

We wear the mud and grit on our running shoes with pride, proof of our courage against the elements and lethargy. However, there are limits! Especially if your gym trainers are the same as your run-on-the-trails shoes. It’s also not going to help the durability ...

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